Our Story

Bentati is a Paris based Fashion accessories line with middle eastern route and global expansion plans in the coming months.

Bentati, a pioneer in the world of fashion & Accessories with its unique & diverse collection of pieces for its trendy & fashionista consumers from Paris to Dubai.

Our Vision

Bentati’s expertise goes a long way back with the company’s extensive experience in fashion and accessories for over 10 years in collaboration with a French International brand as well as 20 years of understanding & talent in creating handmade bag & scarves.

Our skills & experience

Bentati’s talented & innovative team were inspired to create this fun, alluring, fashionable, stylish yet affordable brand with a vision to provide women of the same mind-set something on par with wellknown international brands in the field of fashion accessories.


We are proud to work with

To ensure that the latest trends are always available, Bentati uses a flexible business model that adapts to any change that occurs during the season, responding to them by bringing in new products at the shortest possible time.

Bentati commits to creating every style with excellence. Our aim is to enhance a woman’s appeal as well as her personality with our fascinating collection.